Best American Tackle Product Line

Made In America From American Products! The Surf Master has been reconfigured with enhanced color patterns and hard resin finish for the 2019 season. It is fashioned after the old Surf-O-Reno but with 21st Century enhancements. The Surf Master is 4½ inches long and weighs1¼ ounces. The lure is equipped with old style copper monk props (front and back). Each prop has a pressed in brass bearing which ensures smooth rotation. In addition to the brass bearing, the props have a unique twist which provides an additional attraction in the water as it is retrieved (One prop turns clockwise and the other turns counter-clockwise). Each lure is tank balanced. The lure is made from Pine and has 1½ inch screw eyes front and back and a 1 inch screw eye in the body. The 3/0 X Heavy VMC hooks are attached with stainless steel split rings, allowing for easy hook replacement. The body hook screw eye is secured with a modified anti-back out hook hanger. Each lure has an undercoat of primer to seal the wood over which are enamel paint colors. The lure is then sealed with multiple hard Resin coatings. Each lure is water tested to ensure consistent performance.