Best American Tackle Product Line

The Musky Bug is the newest addition to the family of topwater lures from Best American Tackle. It is fashioned after the "Crazy Crawler" from years past and was tested extensively during the 2018 Musky season. The Musky Bug is the perfect lure for early in the season when 'down sizing' lures is a productive approach to the Musky hunt. Pitching the lure into spawning bays and along side or over emerging weeds will entice a Musky strike. Early morning and/or evening twilight are the most productive times of the day. Although it is a good early season lure, it is productive throughout the Musky season. Use it in place of a creeper. It has the same sound as a creeper during a retrieve . Unlike a creeper, it will not roll or blow out during the retrieve regardless of how fast you retrieve it!!! The Musky Bug is 4½ inches in length and weighs 1½ ounces. It is made from select pine wood. It gets an under coat of primer, coatings of enamel for lure colors and a hard resin finish coating. The wings are stainless steel and the hooks are 3/0 X-heavy VMC. The body and rear hooks are affixed to the lure using stainless steel split rings. The body hook is attached to the lure using a 1 inch screw eye that is prevented from backing by use of a modified hook hanger. There are 1½ inch screw eyes in the front and back of the lure. The screw eyes are secured using Epoxy.