Best American Tackle Product Line

The Typhoon Globe is designed to catch Muskie or Pike. The redesigned lure was field tested extensively during the 2019 Muskie/Pike seasons to ensure consistent performance. The Typhoon Globe is not mass produced and this maintains the quality of the lure. The larger blade gives the Muskie/Pike angler a surface lure that will be hard to leave in the tackle or night, calm or chop. The body hook configuration has a swivel attached to the stainless steel through wire which is equipped with stainless steel split rings for the 4/0 X Heavy VMC hooks, body and butt. Each lure has an undercoating of primer, a glossy enamel finish and a clear resin coating to seal the lure. The brass through tube and globe blade screws use epoxy to hold them in place. The Typhoon Globe uses a large, .032 thick, Brass prop. The prop paddles are hand pitched to ensure that the interaction between the prop and the through tube provides maximum water displacement and a unique metallic characteristic that will get the attention of those toothy critters. The Typhoon Globe is equipped with a round through tube in the globe head. The round tube ensures that the globe provides smooth and consistent performance during a retrieve. This feature, combined with the larger globe blade attached to the globe head, gives this lure its unique metallic sound and makes this lure an attractive target for a Muskie or Pike. The Typhoon Globe uses a .063 stainless steel through wire...This is done to make the lure a bit more resistant to the assault from a Muskie/Pike. The heavier wire will not prevent the fish from bending the lure during the heat of battle but it should lessen the severity.