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Made In America In the days before "catch & release", the landing tool that was found in every boat was the gaff. Today we use a net or a cradle to corral our Musky. The use of a net or cradle, however, comes with its own set of problems. Inevitably, once in the net the Musky and the lure become embrangled; presenting a danger to fish and fisherman as we try to disentangle both fish and lure. We have all heard the stories of treble hooks getting stuck in the fisherman as he/she tries to control the fish while in the net. The Musky Fish-Pic is the solution to your entanglement dilemma. Made from a single casting, this fish landing tool will put you in control of that toothy critter. No more risking getting cut by a gill plate or suffering a tooth puncture. Simply insert the Musky Fish-Pic under the rear of the gill plate and out of the Musky's mouth; as you would if using a gaff. The molded hand grip area gives you the leverage to you need to control the Musky whether you are working on it in the net or holding it up for a quick photo. Click Here To Purchase