Best American Tackle Product Line

Made In America From American Products! It's Better On Top!!! The Tornado...multi-dimensional lure! The blade configuration gives this lure the sound that excites the senses of Mr. Musky. The blade is allowed to rattle against the extended through tube which results in an erratic metallic sound during retrieve. If you decide to speed up your retrieve, the result is a more erratic sound with gurgles and pops. This lure is effective with retrieve speeds that are slow, medium or fast; providing surface bait flexibility that matches the weather and water conditions. The consistent lure performance also allows for speed variations during retrieve... speed variations trigger fish! The Tornado is the perfect top water lure for early mornings or evenings and is effective in calm to light chop. This is the perfect down sized lure for Spring. It is effective not only for Musky or pike but will also attract the attention of Bass (Large and Small Mouth) and the occasional Walleye. The thru wire is made of .063 stainless steel. The Tornado comes with 3/0 X Heavy VMC hooks which are attached with stainless steel split rings for easy hook replacement. A modified hook hanger serves as an anti-back out safeguard for the body hook screw eye. A brass tube in the head sits on a cup washer during retrieve assuring a smooth rotation. Each Lure gets a primer undercoat followed by 2 coatings of enamel and then a Resin top coating.