Best American Tackle Product Line

Musky Lures For Success! Made in America, Best American Tackle has been making topwater Musky lures since 1994. Our lure configurations are designed to emulate an injured fish or small animal in distress. This catalog of our lure models will provide a closeup view of our products. Our products cover most of the well know topwater lure configurations. Minor enhancements to our lure configurations, give our lures “Musky Attracting” commotion in the water. All our lure models are tested for a full Musky Season before being made available for sale. Prior to packaging, each lure is water tested to ensure performance. In addition, you will also find spinner baits from Rocky Point Tackle Company , Marabou bucktails from Get The Net and Custom Squirrel Tail Bucktails . You will also see the Musky Pic, a new landing tool. The Icons shown here are at the bottom of the magazine page.