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Crank/Twitch and Jerk Bait Overview

For many anglers, crank baits, twitch baits and jerk baits are their 'go to' lures. These lures are proven producers throughout the season and in any type of weather. In this index, I will try to provide some insight into the selection and maintenance of these lures.

Crank/Twitch Bait

Crank Baits...A Quick Review

Two Crank Baits To Consider

Inspecting Crank Baits

Slammer Crank Baits

Grandma Crank Bait Lures

The Bagley B-Flat Is Back

Jerk Bait

Two Jerk Baits To Consider

Some Jerk Bait History

Tips With Jerk baits

The Soft Plastic Option

Plastic, The Finesse Option