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Bait Casting Reels Overview

Many years ago, the bait casting reels were regularly referred to as ‘knuckle busters’. This descriptive warning was due mainly to the fact that there was no automatic stop gearing or drag system like we have in today’s modern bait casting reels. When the fish hit, you had to have a firm grip on the reel handle or everything from a bird’s nest to bloody knuckles was a likely result.

Today, we are blessed with bait casting reels that have sophisticated drag systems, anti-reverse gears, anti-backlash protection and the ball bearing innards that would make a Swiss watch jealous. Of course, all of this technology comes with a price. Today, you can find bait casting reels that range in price from $50.00 to over $400.00.

In this index, you will find information mainly about Abu Garcia reels. The reason for this is because I am partial to the reels and to the support that Abu Garcia provides for all of their reels…from vintage models to the most recent designs.

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