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Musky Bucktail Colors To Consider
By Craig Sandell 20

Over the years, I have kept track of Musky that I have caught on different bucktail color combinations. I want to stress that these color combinations are NOT cast in stone but are, rather, guidelines for you to consider when you are on the water trying to decide what color lure to cast.

You will note that I have not included blade colors. The reason for this is related to the emergence of double bladed lures with blade sizes from 9 to 13. If you are accomplished at re-shafting your bucktails, you can mix blade colors to give you a color combination in which you feel confident. The body color chart below can also be used to make blade color selection. DO NOT forget that that brass and silver colored blades are typically used in stained and clear water respectively.

Lure Body Color Guidelines

Time Of Day

Clear Water

Stained Water

Muddy Water

Early (5:30am)

Purple, Blue, Yellow

Orange, Yellow, Red/White, Black/Orange

White, Yellow, Red/White, Orange, Brown/Yellow


Blue/Yel/Chart, Chart/Blue *

Blue, Red/White, Orange

Blue/Yel/Chart, Red/White, Chart/Blue, White


Black/Orange, Red/White

Blue/Yel/Chart, Chart/Blue

Black/Chart, Purple, Blue/Yel/Chart, Blue


Orange, Black/Orange, Chart/Blue, Black/Chart

Blue/Yel/Chart, Purple, Red/White, Orange

Red/White, Blue/Yel/Chart, Chart/Blue


Brown/Yellow, Blue/Yel/Chart, Blue

Black/White, Yellow, Black/Orange, White

Orange, Black/Orange, Yellow, Brown/Yellow

After Dark

Black/White, Black/Chart, Black/Orange

Black/White, Black/Chart, Black/Orange

Black/White, Black/Chart, Black/Orange

*Chart is an abbreviation for Chartreuse

Hopefully, you will find these guidelines helpful as you hunt for our Musky friend this season.

Good Fishing