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MuskyAmerica has begun to reformat itsMusky information into to an ‘easy
to read’ presentation.
Many of the articleswill still be available through the use of the
on the home page of MuskyAmerica; but here you can
view these articles in a single document and browse through them at your
Aswith a print publication, you can turn the pages. To do so, simplymove yourmouse to any
page edge, click and hold the left mousebutton and drag the page to turn it.
Double clicking anywhereon apagewill increase the sizeof thepage. You can then
Scroll on thepagebyholdingdown your leftmousebutton andmoving themouse.
Also, at thebottomof thepage youwill see a seriesof icons.When youmove your
mouseover the icons, an explanationof what theydowhen activatedbyclickingon
themwill appear.
It ismy sincere hope that youwill find this format useful and informative. Please let me know
what you think of themagazine format by
Any suggestions are greatly
Have a great season…Tight Lines,
CraigSandell, Owner Of MuskyAmericaPublications© 2013
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