Moore's Lures catalog

9019 Mid Lake Road Woodruff, WI 54568 715-356-6834 Thank you for visiting my 2021 product catalog. I started Moore's Lures years ago when I couldn't find the tackle or components I wanted from other sources. Today, Moore's Lures is a bonanza of hard to find tackle and components as well as a good selection of High-Quality Hand- Crafted finished lures for Musky, Walleye, Bass and any other fish species you favor. The Moore's Lures catalog is packed full of the things that every angler knows that he needs but hasn't, until now, been able to find. Add to that illustrations "to scale" and very reasonable prices and you have a one stop "Hard-To-Find-Tackle" superstore. Spinnerbait Heads and Magnum and Magnum 13 Blades Screws, Rivets , Hook Spreaders, Split Rings, Swivels , Wire etc... In addition, there is a wide selection of metal propellers, lure lips, wire shaping tools, epoxies, lure bodies and finished jigs & lures All prices are subject to change without notice!