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Jackson Lures has a great selection of all lure types as well as reels, line, leaders and landing tools. I have found them to have some of the best prices on the Internet. They just posted their 2014-2015 online catalog in a "Flip Page" format.

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Don't Lose Reel Perspective

In this modern Musky era, it is easy to lose perspective regarding the extent of advancements in today’s tackle and techniques over the tackle and techniques of the past. At the top of the list are the enhancements to modern Musky reels...More

Making Sure Your Drag Works

Probably the most important tool of Musky fishing is your reel and the most important function of your reel is the drag system. When you are in the heat of a confrontation with a Musky, you must be able to “play” the fish. That means that you must be able to give it line to prevent straightening a hook and keep pressure on the Musky to prevent it from throwing a hook. Your reel’s drag system is an indispensible element to successfully boating a Musky...More

Keeping That Musky Boat Dry

Among the last thing that gets an opportunity to disappoint you is your bilge pump. You usually find out after the first good rain when you go down to the dock and find your boat looking like the shallow end of a swimming pool. I don’t know why a pump that was perfectly good last season has lapsed into non-activity, but is happens...More

Bill Janney – Musky Angler Extraordinaire

t was a real pleasure to hear Bill recount the camaraderie between guides. Bill noted that the guides would congregate at Herman’s Landing and, over a beer and a bump, would share locations where they or their clients had action. Bill mentioned that back then the guides were as focused on the success of their fellow guides as they were on their own...More

The Top Guides On The Chippewa Flowage

Every year, vacationers return to the Chippewa Flowage in search of Blue Gill, Crappie, Walleye and, of course, Musky. In many instances, these vacationing anglers are up for a week, sometimes two, and then there are the guys up for two or three days. Hitting the water without some insight into the fish patterns and the most productive lures, can result in a lack luster angling outing…That is why it is a good idea to get a guide for at least half a day...More

Re-shafting Your Bucktail

Over the course of a Muskie season, our lures take one heck of a beating. They are stepped upon, they have heavy objects set upon them; not to mention being abused by our Muskie friend. Probably, among the most used lure in a tackle box is the bucktail. In this article we will go through the steps required to disassemble, re-hook, re-shaft and re-assemble a bucktail...More


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