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QuickStrike Rigs - Good For Anglers & Better For Musky

The catch and release concept has made a real improvement in our Musky fisheries over the past few decades, and the technology in quickstrike (QS) rigging live-bait is totally compatible with this line of thinking. Quickstrike rigs allow for an immediate hook set with near 100% hookups. Most live-baiting for Muskies is done in the cold water periods of the year when a Musky's metabolism is slowed way down. Since Muskies are almost always mouth hooked on a QS rig they are very releaseable...More

The 2017 Chicago Musky Show - Anything But Convenient

Last year they moved the Milwaukee Musky Expo to a new venue, which kind of didn’t go very well.

As you may have heard, the "so called Chicago Musky Expo" will be held in a different venue in 2017. I refer to it as the "so called Chicago Musky Expo" because it is actually being held in St. Charles Illinois at Pheasant Run.

Having grown up in the area, I can honestly say that the venue is very nice…But having grown up in the area, I can also say that this will be a nightmare to get to given that it is NOT freeway close and the explosion in the local traffic...More

Twitch, Jerk and Glide

Fall Muskie fishing and jerkbaits go hand in hand, but what style jerkbait to use and when to use it? Make no mistake about it, jerkbaits can and do produce well all season long. When Fall comes round, they can really get hot. Every tackle company seems to have one, Bobbie, Eddie, Teddie, Mikey…if you don’t have one named after you, hang in there…I am sure it won’t be long in coming. With all of the different jerkbaits to pick from, just what do you look for before laying down your hard earned money?...More

Insight Into The Decades - By Tony Rizzo

I guide a lot in Wisconsin, so it may not be the same in Canada. I made a graph of the decades in my book "Secrets of a Muskie Guide 2" to and "The Summer Muskie Book" showing that the fishing was best when the decades were in these 10 year increments...More


Too many Musky anglers under estimate the effectiveness of surface lures and, all too often, are found possessing only a spattering of token surface baits in their tackle boxes - lures which commonly collect more dust than teeth marks. Contrary to what some anglers may think, surface bait fishing for Musky is not solely restricted to just the shallow, darker water, lakes and flowages, nor is it a thing of the past...More


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