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Best American Tackle...Musky Fishing Solutions
   We have added the Musky Fish-Pic to our product line.

The Musky Fish-Pic is the solution to your net entanglement dilemma. Made from a single casting, this fish landing tool will put you in control of that toothy critter.

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It's the end of the 2015 Musky season and we will have to be content to relive those "Musky Adventures" in our mind's eye as we wait for the 2016 Musky season.

The Farmer's Almanac is predicting a less than severe winter. If true, we are may be looking at a productive early spring.

We will be posting some new articles for your reading pleasure during the off season as you while away hours between Musky shows.

Stay well,

Craig Sandell - Owner of Musky America


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