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How Do You Beat The Heat?

It seems that the whole country is caught in the grip of high temperatures and unsettled weather that is playing havoc with catching our elusive quarry. The sun has raised water temperatures into the mid-80 degree range on many bodies of water, especially those that are stained or turbid and the wind has not helped the situation...More

The RIGHT Time…The RIGHT Place

After a couple of hours, it became apparent that the wind was here to stay…in deed, it had bumped up to about 20 mph with gusts of 25 mph. I took out my log and looked for some history on fish caught with 20+ mph wind under blue bird skies and elevated water temperature. It didn’t take long to find a spot or two that would fit the weather, so I meandered my way down to the Indian Trail Resort bar and had a beer and a chat with the afternoon bar patrons...More

Musky Fun In The Fall

It was 4:30 in the morning and my good friend Rob Meusec and I were rattling around my trailer at Indian Trail Resort as we prepared to hit the water on this rainy overcast September day. September is a great month for Musky fishing. The summer heat becomes a memory, the water temperature begins to plummet and the heavier clothes come out of storage as the trees sport their colorful apparel...More

Lure Selection, A Monthly Profile

The chart shown below provides a more detailed perspective on what lures worked well for each of the months of the season. As you can see, there are some predictable lure patterns in the chart presentation. One of the interesting patterns, though, is related to crank baits...More

Twitch, Jerk and Glide

Every tackle company seems to have one, Bobbie, Eddie, Teddie, Mikey…if you don’t have one named after you, hang in there…I am sure it won’t be long in coming. With all of the different jerkbaits to pick from, just what do you look for before laying down your hard earned money?...More

Hangin' Jerk Baits

A slow presentation will sometimes produce fish in the cold waters of late fall when nothing else seems to work. How slow is "slow"? I mean so slow it would drive the normal "run and gun" fisherman crazy. A slow lure retrieve has produced some big Muskies for me when all else fails. But. . . let me get a bit more specific...More

Working Deep Wood

Sure we all like to catch those super active Muskies in shallow water. But how about those days or even weeks in the mid to late summer when the shallows seem to be devoid of any Muskies, much less active ones? One could schedule fishing only during low light periods such as early morning, late evening, or even at night. Or wait for a nice stormy day, when active Muskies are sure to venture into the shallows. However, this approach obviously would leave an awful lot of time when we would not be fishing...More

Summer Is The Time Of Acute Musky Fever

Summer signals the start of the hot action for the King of the Freshwater Fish. Musky are spreading out and more likely to be on main-lake spots. Weed beds are reaching for the sky, and the water-ah! The water temperatures are reaching a steady 68-74 degrees. Musky are putting on the feed bag. Big females are starting to show up; this is the time of the season when musky action is at its best. There’s more fish action now than in any other month. September might see more trophy fish, but late June through early July is when the real action takes place...More

Bucktails...For Some A Primary Lure

Many Muskie fishermen and women who are just beginning to experience the thrill of Muskie angling often wonder what they need in their tackle box in the way of lures, tools and other accessories. It is sure easy to be overwhelmed by the hype associated with the Muskie industry...More


Too many Musky anglers under estimate the effectiveness of surface lures and, all too often, are found possessing only a spattering of token surface baits in their tackle boxes - lures which commonly collect more dust than teeth marks. Contrary to what some anglers may think, surface bait fishing for Musky is not solely restricted to just the shallow, darker water, lakes and flowages, nor is it a thing of the past...More

Everyone Has A Job In A Crowded Boat

This summer I had the great pleasure to share a Muskie adventure with my good friend Rob Meusec. He joined me for a few days during my annual pilgrimage to the Chippewa Flowage…so I hired a guide, John Dettloff, for a half day (evening & night) and we set out on our quest in search of Mr. Muskie. This was no philanthropic exercise on my part for you see, Rob is the person who infected me with Muskie fever some 25 years ago and this is my way of thanking him for all of the memories and adventures since our first excursion...More

What About Dark Water After Dark

Spending an evening surrounded by the serenity and natural beauty of a Northwoods flowage (reservoir) can be a unique experience, especially when you throw in a little Musky action. You might even think it can't get much better than that, however, sometimes it can, and this was one of those times. Not only was it a beautiful evening with little wind and a clear sky, but I was anticipating action from big fish...More

Under Cover Of Darkness

The night hunt takes on a unique twist when the night angler is by himself. The solitary night Musky angler finds him or herself pitching their lure into the gloom over water and near structure that can only be seen in the mind’s eye. There is with each cast the excitement that comes with the potential of a night strike and the apprehension of having to fight a toothy critter without the advantage of good vision. More so than at any other time, a Musky angler fishing at night is doing so on the Musky’s terms...More