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Let’s Talk Musky Rods

Rods are prominently displayed at any Musky show or sporting goods outlets. You will find rods that range in sizes up to 9 feet with flexible action to broom stick and everything in between. In recent years, rod manufacturers have concentrated on making their rods out of graphite or some composite of materials that includes graphite. They cite the sensitivity of the graphite rod and the sturdy advantage when fighting a fish...More

What Price Muskie???

So you want to fish Muskie. Are you ready to pay the price? What price? The price to re-outfit your tackle to handle the most tenacious fresh water sport fish. That bass tackle you’ve got just doesn’t have the guts…so you will need to invest in some new tackle...More

Musky Shows-Bigger Is Not Better

Last year (2015) I attended a new musky show in north central Wisconsin. It was The Wisconsin Musky Expo in Wausau, Wisconsin. It’s about time that the region in north central Wisconsin had its own regional Musky show considering the fact that we are in a very productive Musky area with good numbers of Musky anglers...More

Abu Garcia Reels Used to Be Good

I am always looking for a new reel to field test. Last season I field tested the Abu Garcia 5600 C4. The reel turned out to be a disappointment. After only 3 weeks of hard work, the reel became a "screamer" and took on the characteristics of an old style coffee grinder...More

Tackle Management: Inventory Time

Soon the dust will clear from all the musky shows, your taxes are done and you learned all those new techniques and spent a ton of money, it’s time to look at what we have in our arsenal. It’s time to inventory all the baits that we have in order to make our time on the water productive. You are probably thinking that this is almost an impossible task. I thought that at first too. If you are like the average musky fisherman (If there is such a creature)...More

Who's The Fish Here???

Whether it is the middle of Muskie season or we are 'ice bound', Muskie Fever can still really take hold of us all. We find ourselves dreaming of open expanses of water where monster Muskie are snapping at our lures and providing us the thrill of a lifetime. We find ourselves looking longingly at our tackle boxes and the lures that are in our arsenal and wondering if, perhaps, we should add a lure or two...More

Tackling Your Tackle

You also have probably discovered that you don’t really have enough room in your boat for all of your tackle without having a cluttered boat. There is also the problem of keeping large lures with multiple treble hooks separate from each other and thereby preventing lure entanglement...More

Keeping That Musky Boat Dry

Every new season we drag our boat out of storage and find out that things can go bad by just sitting there over the winter. Whether it is your batteries, your trolling motor or some of the little things, they all amount to a big pain in the butt when you are trying to get back on the water...More

Tackle Management...Keeping It Simple

All these lures! Bucktails, jerk baits, crank baits, surface baits, spinnerbaits, jigs, soft plastics, sucker rigs, leaders, rain gear, tools...How do I organize all this stuff ?...More

Touching Up The Wood

The traditional Muskie angler loves his/her wooden lures. Many Muskie anglers will tell you that the wood provides the lure with the type of action that plastic or composite lures cannot match. I will not debate the issue here. In this article I will provide some suggestions for conditioning your wooden lures so that they remain effective...More

Rods & Reels & Other Stuff

I have gotten some Email concerning the storage of Muskie equipment during the cold off season period. I have done a little research and offer the following for your consideration...More


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