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Tips For Bucktails

Real early spring musky fishing will generally be slow until the fish have spawned and some warmer weather hits. However, when the fish finally do become active, the best approach seems to be smaller lures including smaller bucktails. When I say small, I am generally referring to lure lengths of fewer than 5 inches...More

Let’s Talk Musky Rods

In recent years, rod manufacturers have concentrated on making their rods out of graphite or some composite of materials that includes graphite. They cite the sensitivity of the graphite rod and the sturdy advantage when fighting a fish. The trend away from fiber glass has been so effective that you will be hard pressed to find a fiber glass rod on the shelf...More

Acute Musky Fever

Summer signals the start of the hot action for the King of the Freshwater Fish. Musky are spreading out and more likely to be on main-lake spots. Weed beds are reaching for the sky, and the water-ah! The water temperatures are reaching a steady 68-74 degrees. Musky are putting on the feed bag. Big females are starting to show up; this is the time of the season when musky action is at its best. There’s more fish action now than in any other month. September might...More

Some Fishing Tips

With catch and release fishing, many well meaning anglers keep their catch out of the water longer than necessary. If your boat is equipped with a live well, simply remove hooks from the Musky’s jaw while keeping the fish and the net in the water. Then place your hand along the gill plate, removing the fish from the net and placing it in the live well (pre-filled of course). This will give the fish time to regain its strength...More

Does Your Drag Work

Probably the most important tool of Musky fishing is your reel and the most important function of your reel is the drag system. When you are in the heat of a confrontation with a Musky, you must be able to “play” the fish. That means that you must be able to give it line to prevent straightening a hook...More

Working Deep Wood

Sure we all like to catch those super active Muskies in shallow water. But how about those days or even weeks in the mid to late summer when the shallows seem to be devoid of any Muskies, much less active ones? One could schedule fishing only during low light periods such as early morning, late evening, or even at night. Or wait for a nice stormy day...More

A Weedless Musky Lure

Throughout the Musky season, weeds are an unavoidable consideration when fishing for our Musky friend. In the early Spring, we are searching for emerging weeds and as the season progresses we are seeking methods to fish close to the weed edges. We all know that emerging cold fronts have Musky holding deeper next to weedy areas or even right into the weed...More

Remove The Hype

Recently, there has been a lot of hype surrounding Muskie angling and it bears recognizing that Musky Hunter Magazine (MHM) has only contributed to the problem by refusing to speak out against the issues and practices that threaten the health of our Musky fisheries, like Winter Spearing, as well as the Musky politics that diminish the credibility of our sport...More



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