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Something New From The Wisconsin Musky Expo
By Craig Sandell © 2017

Every year the Wisconsin Musky Expo is host to over 100 exhibitors and each year there is always a product or lure deserving of mention.

For me, this year the exhibitor of note is a lure company called Nauti Lures.

In addition to a line of clothing and accessories, they make a quality bucktail.

This is not the “modern era” double bladed buckail with which we have become familiar. The blade sizes range from 8 to 10 and overall sizes range from 6" to 13".

Of particular interest is the holographic silicone skirt material. It is very unique to the musky industry and promises to become the standard for skirt material. The attention to construction detail sets it above many of the other double bladed bucktails on the market today.

Of particular note is the extra step taken to protect your line
from any sharp edges by covering exposed wire with shrink wrap.

The folks from Nauti Lures offer a wide range of colors, as can be seen from the picture taken from their Facebook page at:

Tight Lines


Losing Reel Perspective?

In this modern Musky era, it is easy to lose perspective regarding the extent of advancements in today’s tackle and techniques over the tackle and techniques of the past. At the top of the list are the enhancements to modern Musky reels. In the old days, reels did not have the drag mechanisms that we are used to today. The only drag system that you had back then was your thumb. Hand in hand with no drag was the lack of an anti-reverse mechanism…henceforth the reputation of older reels as knuckle busters...More

Handling & Releasing Muskies

Muskies are at the top of the freshwater food chain and have no predators accept for anglers. While these fish are tough and often very aggressive, they are very delicate out of the water. If you are new to Muskie fishing or a seasoned veteran to the sport, you owe it to the sport to educate yourself on protecting these prize fish. Please take a few moments and read the following tips on handling and releasing Muskies...More

Just when you thought you'd seen it all

A guy buys a brand new Grand Cherokee for 30 some thousand dollars and has 400+ dollar monthly payments. He immediately gets a hold of his friend and they go do some male bonding. They go duck hunting, but at this time of year all of the lakes are frozen. These 2 "slow leaks" go to the lake with the guns, the dog, the beer and of course the new vehicle. They drive out onto the lake ice and get ready. Now, they want to make some kind of a natural landing area for the ducks, something for the decoys to float on. Remember, it's all ice...More

Bucktails...For Some A Primary Lure

Many Muskie fishermen and women who are just beginning to experience the thrill of Muskie angling often wonder what they need in their tackle box in the way of lures, tools and other accessories. It is sure easy to be overwhelmed by the hype associated with the Muskie industry...More

Tackle Management: Inventory Time

Soon the dust will clear from all the musky shows, your taxes are done and you learned all those new techniques and spent a ton of money, it’s time to look at what we have in our arsenal. It’s time to inventory all the baits that we have in order to make our time on the water productive. You are probably thinking that this is almost an impossible task. I thought that at first too. If you are like the average musky fisherman (If there is such a creature), you have many weapons, some call them tools, in your cherished collection...More

Epitaph For Once Great Wisconsin Fisheries

There was a time when the lakes of Vilas and Oneida Counties were "The Destination" for Musky and Walleye fishermen. There was a time when there were many bait shops along Hwy 51 and the towns of Minocqua and Arbor Vitae were awash with tourists who pumped their vacation dollars into the local economy. There was a time when The Lac Du Flambeau tribe recognized that tourism dollars helped to feed tribal members, so they refrained from excessive spring and winter spearing...More

Keeping That Musky Boat Dry

Among the last thing that gets an opportunity to disappoint you is your bilge pump. You usually find out after the first good rain when you go down to the dock and find your boat looking like the shallow end of a swimming pool. I don’t know why a pump that was perfectly good last season has lapsed into non-activity, but is happens...More

Tackling Your Tackle

You also have probably discovered that you don’t really have enough room in your boat for all of your tackle without having a cluttered boat. There is also the problem of keeping large lures with multiple treble hooks separate from each other and thereby preventing lure entanglement...More


Too many Musky anglers under estimate the effectiveness of surface lures and, all too often, are found possessing only a spattering of token surface baits in their tackle boxes - lures which commonly collect more dust than teeth marks. Contrary to what some anglers may think, surface bait fishing for Musky is not solely restricted to just the shallow, darker water, lakes and flowages, nor is it a thing of the past...More

Touching Up The Wood

The traditional Muskie angler loves his/her wooden lures. Many Muskie anglers will tell you that the wood provides the lure with the type of action that plastic or composite lures cannot match. I will not debate the issue here. In this article I will provide some suggestions for conditioning your wooden lures so that they remain effective...More

When Natures Calls, Muskies Don’t Care

The high water during the winter and the early ice out gave rise to an explosion of weeds making fishing very tough. The weather was stuck in a pattern of alternating warm and cold fronts that kept the water cooler than normal and the skies persistently weeping with heavy rain. We were looking for a pattern but the pattern we found was ‘No Pattern’. More so than most years, Muskie fishing was the luck of the draw...More


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