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The New Chicago Musky Expo

This was the first year of the Musky Expo in its new venue, the Sears Arena. I want to set the stage so you can get a better perspective. The main floor of the Sears Arena is dedicated to sports and concerts and has multiple seating surrounding the arena floor. The Musky Expo was situated in what would be the common area where visitors to an event would walk as they searched for their assigned seats in the actual arena or went to find concessions or toilets...More

Beginners Luck

It was my first experience at Musky fishing. Up until this time, my fishing passion was mainly focused on trout but my good friend Craig Sandell had packed me off to Wisconsin with him for a Musky adventure.  I do have to admit that the Chippewa Flowage was a bit intimidating. There is so much water and so many islands and, well, they all look alike. I can see how easy it could be to get lost.  Since my tackle was not quite suited for Musky, my friend, Craig, set me up with one of his 6½ ft. rods with a 6500 syncro packed with 40 lb. white...More

The Soft Plastic Option

Over the years I have heard many Musky anglers lament on how a Musky strike on the Musky Innovations swim baits renders the bait useless. James Haworth has addressed the problem with an approach he calls a "Full Body Lock Coil Harness". Sure, the flexible rubber get tooth damage but the internal construction...More

Beware - Tax Scam Website

I recently received an unsolicited Email from “Max Hardin" at

Dear Chief Accountant Officer,
Hereby you are notified that your Tax Return Appeal id#2651283 has been DECLINED.  If you consider that the IRS did not properly investigate your case due to a misunderstanding of the facts, be ready to submit additional information. You can download the rejection details and re-submit your appeal using the following link Online Tax Appeal.

 First – This is not a government website and I have not filed a tax return appeal. Also, the Email does not address me by name which is a major SCAM tip off...More

Portable Line Spooler Product Review

A browse through the fishing catalogs turned up a ‘Portable Line Spooling Station’ from Berkley. The price seemed a bit steep ($29.99), but I went ahead and bought it. The item is made of high impact molded plastic. The metal reel bar appears to be chrome plated and will probably be prone to rust as the reel tension screws are...More

Brain Like A Box Of Rocks

Our local Musky club had a guest speaker at one of the meetings. What he told his audience would make most traditional Musky angler's blood boil.

Consider some food for thought:...More

Who's The Fish Here???

Whether it is the middle of Muskie season or we are 'ice bound', Muskie Fever can still really take hold of us all. We find ourselves dreaming of open expanses of water where monster Muskie are snapping at our lures and providing us the thrill of a lifetime. We find ourselves looking longingly at our tackle boxes and...More


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