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Muskies Like Lures Which Churn Water

There is nothing more thrilling than catching muskies with a surface lure. The fish usually comes straight up and strikes the bait viciously, then dives deep and makes a wild rush. From that time on, it is only a matter of speculation just what the old warrior will do. However, we have discovered that the muskie will continue his top water battle when taken on a surface bait...More

Musky Fishing's Forgotten Surface Lure

In this day of noisy topwater lures, the subtle action of Topper-style baits could be the ticket to Musky success but few fishermen use them. The term "Topper" can be considered a generic, more contemporary name used to refer to any one of a family of torpedo-shaped artificial surface Musky lures which began to be manufactured shortly after the turn of the century. Although they've endured more than 90 years of subtle body shape changes, numerous name changes, and an incomprehensible number of savage Musky strikes, these Toppers, for all their celebrated successes, have grown to become largely ignored Musky surface baits...More

Early Season Musky Tips For Bucktails

Real early spring musky fishing will generally be slow until the fish have spawned and some warmer weather hits. However, when the fish finally do become active, the best approach seems to be smaller lures including smaller bucktails. When I say small, I am generally referring to lure lengths of fewer than 5 inches...More

Slop Musky On Plastics

Early season Musky success is often measured by the number of fish following lures 6-8 feet behind. With short hits common and cold water temps still keeping fish lethargic, fishing can be fruitless without a system. On my daily occupational drive there is plenty of time to review mental notes of the prior weekend's fishing experiences. For example, recently I recalled a strange early season incident on a lake I had guided on for seven years. While fishing a favorite spring bay I heard and then saw frequent large swirls and surface turbulence along the shoreline. The commotion was coming from several Muskies devouring frogs in 1-3 foot depths. Motoring further along this shoreline revealed more "frog feeding" Musky...More

Spring Jigging Areas For Musky

There are many areas that will produce spring Muskies with jigs. The common denominator is food. If there are other fish in the area such as walleyes, bass, or pan fish, it will undoubtedly be a spring Musky hotspot. Newly emerging weeds are big producers of bass, pike, and walleyes in the springtime. Jigging the weeds has become a ritual for thousands of Midwest anglers. Many "accidental" musky catches occur in this situation. But it’s not the only place to bag a spring ‘lunge...More

Let’s Talk Musky Rods

In recent years, rod manufacturers have concentrated on making their rods out of graphite or some composite of materials that includes graphite. They cite the sensitivity of the graphite rod and the sturdy advantage when fighting a fish. The trend away from fiber glass has been so effective that you will be hard pressed to find a fiber glass rod on the shelf...More

The Quest For A Weedless Musky Lure

Throughout the Musky season, weeds are an unavoidable consideration when fishing for our Musky friend. In the early Spring, we are searching for emerging weeds and as the season progresses we are seeking methods to fish close to the weed edges...More

The Underwater Seasons

During the course of the Musky season, every body of water undergoes changes in its water temperature as well as changes in the oxygen that is dissolved in the water. As the underwater seasons change, the Musky react to those changes driven by their need to eat and their need to breath. The successful Musky angler must tune into these changes. He/she must be prepared to be flexible with regard to lure selection as well as conducting a better evaluation of water and weather conditions. Late season fishing can be marked by drastic weather changes and dramatic changes in the condition of the water...More


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